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Netstat stands for NETworks and STATistics, as well as the Unix-family of systems (Solaris, Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, ...). We understand the inner workings of the TCP/IP stack, including routing and the interaction of protocol features. So, we can work out an optimal systems configuration for your needs. In combination with our statistics knowledge, we are also well-positioned to analyse performance issues. Likewise, our expertise in Unix systems is grounded in two decades experience dealing with a variety of tasks, circumstances and problems. We pride ourselves in delivering reliable solutions based on formal analysis and quality systems engineering.

Our most recent specialty is the application of probabilistic networks to recurrent data analysis and decision problems under uncertainty. If part of your work is the repeated assessment of information-rich situations or "cases", for which an underlying application model can be formulated, probabilistic networks can simplify and improve your task. Especially, if you have a case history or data warehouse with the relevant past information. We apply proven statistical methods to your data analysis needs and can develop statistical applications that consolidate partial observations of any new case, as they arrive in real-time, into a statistically optimal current assessment. If the repeated assessments or decisions need to be fully automated, we can integrate them into your existing data flows.

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