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Our company was incorporated in April 2010. But only the legal structure is new. The quality of our services as well as our capabilities and work experience continue unchanged. So, here is some of our previous work:

Systems integration for the airlines industry

We participated in two multi-year systems implementation and integration projects at Air New Zealand.

The first, internally known as the ICOC (Integrated Crewing and Operations Control) project, was in the role of a specialist Unix analyst. The system is the main operations system used for crewing, logistics and co-ordination of flights and responsibilities in that project included:
  • architectural oversight of the system,
  • interface design review and implementation,
  • testing, debugging and software quality control,
  • performance bottleneck identification and elimination, capacity planning,
  • version change control and the handling of the release promote process,
  • reliability monitoring and error recovery, as well as
  • 24x7 production support.
The second project, in the area of revenue management applications, included the automation of data flows necessary for the day-to-day tasks of managing the supply and demand of available aircraft seats as well as pricing within the route network. This was done in a Sun Solaris environment and centers around a statistics based specialized application.

General Networking and Telecommunications

Assignments included:
  • design and implementation of resilient TCP/IP intranet for Klinge Pharma (Germany) research departments
  • NZF Stainless WAN scoping
  • a firewall audit for ClearNET
  • firewall maintenance for Coachnet
  • OpenSSL implementation support for EDS
  • support for Telecom online transaction environment


Previous work included:
  • statistics support for medical research at Cologne, Tübingen and Düsseldorf universities (Germany)
  • statistical planning and analysis of phase 3 clinical trials for FDA applications at Klinge Pharma (Germany)
  • algorithm and software development for a fast pattern matcher used in genomic database search (contract for Bloksberg Information Technologies Ltd.)