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Directions and Director

Netstat Ltd. was incorporated in April 2010 as a small privately held Auckland-based company providing IT contracting and statistical modeling services. However, we have been contracting in the New Zealand IT market for over a decade prior to incorporation.

Our combined skills/work experience cover
  • Unix/Linux/BSD systems engineering,
  • TCP/IP network design and implementation,
  • systems and application integration,
  • network security assignments,
  • mathematical optimisation and
  • statistical modeling and analysis.
The industries engaged in range from
  • university research,
  • pharmaceutical industry,
  • a biotech startup,
  • various service industries,
  • telecommunications
  • to airline industries.

Netstat Ltd.'s main focus is the application of probabilistic networks to recurrent complex data analysis and decision problems under uncertainty. While this focus is our long-term commitment, as a young start-up we are happy to take on other project work matching our skills base in order to provide the funding for our long-term goals.

The company name was chosen for its connotations combining networks and statistics, as well as being the name for a Unix command used in systems diagnostics and performance optimisation.

Our company logo was in existence since 1998. Initially, it was intended to express the essence of Unix systems --- both their file system and process models were build around the tree data structure. But it also depicts well general networking, hierarchical statistical modeling, classification and regression trees and is a perfect match for our core competency in probabilistic networks.

The director of Netstat Ltd. is Christoph Paszyna.
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