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We are committed to the open source community and believe that good ideas are to be shared, not locked away. Many great success stories have emerged from this community. Our business model relies on the supply of quality services tailored to our customer's needs, not a legalistic approach of intellectual property holders. We derive our income from adding customisation and adaptation to pre-existing generic systems, rather than re-inventing the wheel. Our own add-ons are offered back to the open source community, unless agreements with our partners or customers request otherwise. As professionals, we understand the value proposition of commercially licensed software and respect the rules. We're pragmatists and happy to supply our customers the choice to get the best of both worlds (open source or licensed).

A large part of our professional development is strongly influenced by the open exchange of ideas in scientific and engineering community organisations, such as the Internet Society with its Internet Engineering Task Force as well as the Association for Computing Machinery and its Special Interest Group on Data Communications, to which we are grateful and contribute through participation and membership.