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Networking data streams into comprehensive models

Is your data warehouse a source of insights?

You've done the hard bit --- collecting meticulously all your past business transactions, operational data, customer interaction, product information. Everything you thought is important to the running of your business. Now, what do you get out of your data warehouse? Just a break-down according to product type, customer group and regions, with the option to "drill down" into each category for a more fine-grained view of the same?

There is more to data analysis than this. At Netstat, we understand that the true value of past information is only unlocked when it is converted into a prospective viewpoint. We use methods grounded in contemporary statistics to turn passive data into active models.

Unix workflow automation

We have been in the business of supporting server applications on many different Unix platforms, mostly Solaris, BSD, Linux and SystemV variants. Whether you need shell scripting, systems programming, porting across platforms or general software development, we are up to the task. Especially, if your requirement is more of a technical nature, where the task at hand follows a formal model or is suitable to the application of analytical methods.

General TCP/IP work

We have successfully completed work in the network security / firewall area, are experienced in Cisco/IOS configurations and have set up resilient routing infrastructures with OSPF and HSRP as well as SIP-based IP telephony solutions.